Leif’s Lunch Break

Limited Edition Prints, Signed, Dated and Numbered, For Sale
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Long-time Chester artist, Leif Nilsson, is graciously helping Brian House and Adult Vocational Programs
celebrate its 35th anniversary in Chester
by offering a limited number of life-size fine art prints of this painting for $250.

ALL PROCEEDS BENEFIT Brian House, Inc. and Adult Vocational Services, Inc.

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About Leif Nilsson, Contemporary Connecticut Impressionist

Inspired by the natural beauty surrounding the Lower Connecticut River Valley, Leif (pronounced LAYF) Nilsson paints his plein air impressionistic landscape compositions directly from life. Setting up his easel in and around his hometown of Chester, Nilsson creates engaging garden, Connecticut River and village paintings that invite the viewer to walk right in.

Some of the paintings are completed ala prima, meaning all at once, while others may take several sittings at the same time of day to achieve the correct harmonious atmosphere as he observes it. Generally, heavily textured paintings have more layers applied in an effort to represent the scintillating effects of light in nature over a period of time. Nilsson’s brushwork is a result of his dedication to observing nature.

Leif Nilsson completed a full curriculum of Classical Studies at the Lyme Academy of Fine Arts in Old Lyme, CT. He enhanced that education with several sojourns to Scandinavia, Asia Minor and Europe where he studied the French 19th and early 20th century painters; Bonnard and Monet for color; Pissarro and Vuillard for composition and Van Gogh for energy.

A successful working artist for over 20 years, Nilsson continues to exhibit his paintings in several galleries throughout the United States, while also promoting his work through his website, and at the Leif Nilsson Spring Street Studio and Gallery, LLC in Chester where collectors visit him regularly to view and purchase his latest works. The studio is open on weekend afternoons from noon to 6:00 pm and other times by chance or appointment. Six times a year he hosts a gallery opening reception for his newest works along with other galleries in Chester. He also teaches painting to children and adults and gives lectures at high schools, universities, art clubs, and museums.

Nilsson paints outdoors in all types of weather. He will often paint the same place over and over again, trying out different compositions and sizes at various times of day and in all seasons. These paintings often result in a series of works attempting to describe the many moods of nature on a particular subject.  To see more of Leif’s work, please visit http://www.nilssonstudio.com/.

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