“I am reminded, during these particularly divisive times throughout our world, that each of us are keepers of the light, dedicated to supporting a vulnerable population with open and giving hearts. There are those that seek to divide, condemn and marginalize people different from themselves. We, meanwhile, continue to come together with the conviction that all of us have value and, by our daily practice, help to build a tolerant and inclusive world where all and everyone matters. The work we do is a demonstration project that not only raises social consciousness, but ultimately brings hope and goodwill to our planet.”

Mal Winkley, Founder

Who We Are

Brian House and Adult Vocational Programs comprise two highly-recognized private, non-profit agencies providing residential housing and vocational programming for adults with developmental disabilities in lower Middlesex County. 

Our Mission Statement

To enhance the quality of life for the individuals we serve by providing safe, caring, compassionate and supported housing and vocational support in committed, integrated community settings.

Enhanced Wellness Fund

A specialized scholarship fund has just been established for the benefit of the adult individuals we serve at Brian House and Adult Vocational Programs. The fund will aide individuals in achieving many personal wellness goals. These include occupational, speech, music and art therapies, equestrian activities, Special Olympics, cultural events, specialized equipment and more.

From now until December 31st, our first 35 donors to support the scholarship at the $1,000 level or higher will receive distinguished acknowledgement as a Founding Member. The Enhanced Wellness Fund Founding Members opportunity will close at the end of this year, but the fund itself will remain open and ongoing. For more information and questions about the Founding Members opportunity or the fund, please contact Dawn Parker, Director of Business Development, at dparker@brianhouse.org. We thank you for your interest.